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Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society

Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society Facts

The Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society's first meeting was in 1946. The organization was incorporated in 1953 under Ira Emery as the Society's first president. In 1955 the organization was able to buy what would become the History House, which was originally built by Ira Emery's father, Preston J. Stanley.

It is the mission of the Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society to collect and preserve artifacts, photographs, documents and publications of historical significance that relate directly to the history of Parsonfield, Porter and South Hiram, Maine - including the village of Kezar Falls; to preserve and make available for research the genealogical records of families from the area; to encourage the love and study of local history in the youth of the area; to encourage the preservation of historical sites and structures; and to discover and disseminate local history, legend and lore so that succeeding generations may benefit from a better understanding of their past.

The Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society has several rooms that are restored to period decor and available to tour. The History House also has a Longfellow Collection, containing furniture from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Portland home as well as other Longfellow memorabilia. The poet has a connection to Porter through the Wadsworth side of his family.

The Parsonsfield-Porter Historical Society operates out of the History House, which was originally built in 1888 by Preston J. Stanley. It was purchased by the Historical Society in 1955. In 2006 an addition was added providing for a research room, offices, handicapped accessibility and additional storage.